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Good clippers need to be strong, hard and sharp, surgical grade stainless steel clippers including fingernail & toenail nail cutters for perfectly groomed nails,safety 1st sleepy baby nail clipper is one of the very good baby healthcare and grooming products .

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The type of nail clippers

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Good clippers need to be strong, hard and sharp ,There are lots of different types of clipper out there and it is important to get the style and size that suits your nails . More over ,using the right tools to keep the nails on your hands and feet properly trimmed avoids painful problems like hangnails and jagged edges.

nail cutter

Typically Nail Clipper 

The typically nail clipper is the most common types of nail clippers. This nail clipper can be identified by its round holes and sharpened edges on the head. To use this nail clipper you insert it over the nail and slice across. It is curved to fit the shape of the fingernail. The disadvantage to this nail clipper is that it will not cut smaller finger- or toenails as nicely as others and may be difficult to cut just the tips of the nail. 


cuticle nippernail nipper

Scissor Nail Clipper 

The scissor nail clipper has another name is nail nipper". These nail clippers look and operate just like a pair of scissors, with two separate blades attached to two separate hinges. This nail clipper should be used for trimming the small details on the sides and tips of the nail and near the cuticles. 

Besides,this tool looks like a pair of pliers or wire cutters, but make no mistake, these are NOT hardware store tools. 

Nail nippers are shaped with either straight or concave blades with a hairline gap in-between. Purchase quality steel tools. 

Steel for nippers is not as hard as that of nail clippers because the edges must be filed by hand to sharpen and create the hairline gap. The softer steel does not affect the performance because the steel is tempered to add strength.

      · Performs many tasks other tools can’t. (Specialty nippers exist for unique jobs) 

      · Better than clippers – less risk of breaking or cracking the nail.    

      · Longer cutting edge trims more nail at a time 

      · Palm grip – easier to use for painful or weakened hands (arthritis or carpal 

·      tunnel) 

      · Strongest tool for cutting thickened or fungal nails and hard toenails 

·     · Well suited for right or left hand use 

custom nail clipper

Lever Type New Nail Clipper 

For clippers, there is no “cutting board”. The only solution is to use the best possible quality steel so the sharpness stays clip after clip. 

Dulled clippers risk cracking and breaking the nail. Nail clippers should be:

·      Small, compact 

·      Easily portable. 

·      Inexpensive and readily available. 

       Easy to use in either right or left hand. 

·      Familiar to use

The lever-type new nail clipper is very strong, hard and sharp and good for filing, nipping and removing dirt from underneath the nail. These nail clippers have horizontal heads with a narrow opening for fitting over the nail. 

This is a new innovative design takes advantage of technological advances in materials and construction. The pliers-type nail clipper is similar to the scissors type nail clippers in that they have strong nail file attached to two separate handles. 


baby nail clippernail clipper with magnifier

The Safety 1st Baby Nail Clipper

When trimming a baby's nails, great caution needs to be taken to avoid nicking his delicate skin, and it might even be a good idea to cut the baby's nails when he is asleep. It is important that a baby's nails be kept short because long or jagged nails can scratch the baby and injure his skin. Baby nail clippers are available in a variety of cute designs and also come in pink, blue, yellow, and green.


nail clipper set

The structure of baby nail clipper

1. The size of the nail clippers in line with the baby's small nails

2.Handle grip for parents 

3. The plastic sleeve can avoid the clipper drop off and injured baby , the nail can also be installed. 

Safety 1st sleepy baby nail clipper is one of the very good  baby healthcare and grooming products . 

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